Build Relationships to Cultivate the Millennial Experience - dummies

Build Relationships to Cultivate the Millennial Experience

By Corey Padveen

Part of Marketing to Millennials For Dummies Cheat Sheet

For Millennials, experiences and relationships have a significant impact on a purchasing decision. Simply pushing a user toward an online store or through a conversion funnel does nothing to build a relationship. Relationships are cultivated as customers experience your brand over time. You don’t necessarily need to create a unique campaign every time you want to convert new prospects. It just means that you need to remember that Millennials look beyond price and brand recognition when making a purchasing decision.

When you provide prospects with an experience that extends beyond a conversion, you provide prospects with something that keeps your brand top of mind. What you provide can be something simple, like sharing a fun fact, a joke, or something of interest to users on a particular medium. This content strategy will lead them to want to follow and regularly engage with you.

Then, as the relationship grows and there is an experience to be had on the part of the consumer, you can begin driving users to business-generating assets, such as an email sign-up or an online store. Just remember that, for Millennials, it’s not all about the sale or the value of the deal; it’s about the connection as well.