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In a Word form in Office 2011 for Mac, a combo field is a pretty neat thing. Use a combo when you want the user to choose an entry from a list of choices. The Combo Box field is also referred to as a Drop-Down Form field. Follow these steps to create a combo box:

  1. Click in your document at the position to insert the form field.

  2. On the Developer tab of the Ribbon, click the Combo Box button.

    A small gray box appears.

  3. Click the Form Fields Options button on the Developer tab of the Ribbon.

    The Drop-Down Form Field Options dialog opens.


The top half of this dialog lets you build the list of choices that will appear when the Drop-Down button is clicked in your finished, protected form.

  • Drop-Down Item: Type an item to appear in the drop-down list.

  • Add: Adds your typed Drop-Down item to the Items in Drop-Down List.

  • Remove: Removes a selected item from the Items in the Drop-Down List.

  • Items in Drop-Down List: These items appear in the drop-down list of choices that appears when the Drop-Down button is clicked in your finished, protected form.

  • Move: Select an item in Items in Drop-Down List. Click an arrow to move it up or down in the list.

  • Field Settings: Here are the field settings:

    • Bookmark: Give the drop-down list a name ending with a number. The numbers you assign should be sequential.

    • Calculate on Exit: If you use calculations, you can select this check box to cause Word to perform the calculations after the control is used.

    • Drop-down Enabled: When selected when the user clicks a button in the form field, a pop-up menu displays showing the items in the drop-down list.

When you’re done setting up the combo box and you select it within the form, it works like a regular pop-up menu.

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