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Project management is all about saving time. But even with management tools like Microsoft Project 2010, your project might run longer than you expected. In that case, try the following methods to tighten the timing:

  • Increase the number of auto-scheduled tasks in your project plan so Project can reschedule them automatically.

  • Modify dependencies so that tasks can start sooner, if possible.

  • Create overlapping dependencies when appropriate.

  • Reduce the amount of slack (but never get rid of it all!) on individual tasks.

  • Add resources to auto-scheduled effort-driven tasks to have them finish earlier.

  • Consider whether your project can do without certain tasks (for example, a second QA testing phase or a management review of a package design).

  • Outsource a phase of your project when in-house human resources can't complete it because they're busy with other tasks.

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