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Microsoft has made a few changes to Excel’s Ribbon (the tabbed band across the top), reflecting changes in Excel. The most obvious addition is the light bulb, at the top to the right of Add-ins. It’s labeled “Tell me what you want to do.” This is called the Tell Me box, and it’s a new way to connect to Excel Help.

Type a phrase like Insert a chart into the Tell Me box, and Excel opens a menu whose choices include icons that you click to insert charts and to find help with inserting charts.

Sadly, this feature is not part of Excel 2016 for the Mac. This is the case for a number of other capabilities, too. Overall, however, Mac users will find greater consistency across platforms than in previous editions.

The image above shows the Insert tab, which incorporates a couple of changes in the Charts area. One addition is a set of Statistical Charts (which are not in the Mac version). Another is 3D Map, the new and improved Power View (which first appeared in Excel 2013 and will not be appearing in a Mac near you).

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