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When you have some events entered in Calendar app for iPad, you can use managing features to search for events, sync your events with other calendars on other devices, or delete events that have been cancelled.

Searching calendars

Displaying events by day or week and scrolling through the pages is one way to look for appointments, but if you need to find a particular event and can't remember the timeframe, you can use the Calendar search feature to do so.

Follow these steps to search for events in Calendar:

  1. With the Calendar open in any view, tap the Search field in the upper-right corner.

  2. Type a word or words to search by and then tap the Search key on the onscreen keyboard.

    As you type, a Results dialog appears.

  3. Tap any result to display it in the view you were in when you started the search.


Working with multiple calendars

You can choose a calendar for each of your events — for example, Business, Personal, Parties, Classes, and Volunteering. On your iPad, tap Calendars at the top left of the screen in the Calendar app. Each calendar's events are shown in a different color.

You can choose to display the events from several calendars at once, including your iPad calendar and calendars you sync with your PC, only your PC calendars, or only your iPad calendar:

  1. With the Calendar app open, click the Calendars button.

  2. In the Calendars dialog, tap to select or deselect the calendars you want to display:

    • All from My PC

    • My Calendar

    • On My iPad

    • Birthdays

    If you have synched to other source's calendars you can choose them here.

  3. Tap Done and your chosen calendar appears.

When you add a new event, use the Calendar field to choose the calendar you want to add the event to.

Deleting events

When an event is cancelled, you need to reflect that change in Calendar by deleting it.

If an event is moved but not cancelled, you don't have to delete the exiting one and create a new one; simply edit the event to change the day and time in the Edit Event dialog.

Here's how you delete an event:

  1. With Calendar open, tap an event.

  2. Tap the Edit button in the information bar that appears.

  3. In the Edit Event dialog, tap the Delete Event button.


    Confirming options appear. If this is a repeating event, you have the option of deleting this instance of the event or this and all future instances of the event.

  4. Tap the deletion button for the option you prefer.

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