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iPads can be useful learning and entertainment tools for your children, but that doesn’t mean they should have the run of the device. If you have children in your life that use devices linked to your Apple ID through Family Sharing, you can manage their activities using Screen Time.

Use these steps to set parental controls on the iPad using the Screen Time app:

  1. Open Screen Time in the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to the Family section and tap the name of a child’s account. Then tap Turn On Screen Time.
  3. Tap Continue and move step by step through the process of enabling Screen Time for the child’s account.
  4. Tap the Start and End options to set times for Downtime, and then tap the Set Downtime button, or tap Not Now to skip.
    iPad parental controls
  5. Tap the circles next to app categories, or just tap All Apps & Categories, to set App Limits for the child’s account
  6. Tap Set next to Time Amount to set a time limit, and then tap the Set App Limit button at the bottom of the screen.Of course, you can also tap Not Now to skip.
  7. In the Content & Privacy screen, tap the Continue button.
    iPad content and privacy restrictions
  8. Set a Screen Time Passcode to prevent changes from being made to the settings for this account, if prompted.

    Don’t forget the Screen Time Passcodes you use for Screen Time accounts! Write them down somewhere safe if you need help remembering.

  9. Screen Time is now activated for the child’s account. You may make changes to the account’s Screen Time settings at any time.

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