Finding the iPhone Screen Time Feature - dummies

Finding the iPhone Screen Time Feature

By Dwight Spivey

With iOS 12, the iPhone has given us a handy new feature called Screen Time. As you might imagine, the iPhone Screen Time feature informs you how much time you are logging on your phone. Screen Time isn’t an app unto itself, but it is part of the Settings app. To find the iPhone Screen Time:

  1. On the Home screen, tap the Settings app icon to open it.
  2. Swipe until you find the Screen Time options and tap to open it.
  3. If the Screen Time switch is Off (white), tap to turn it On (green).

    iPhone Screen Time

    You’re greeted with a birds-eye view of your iPhone usage. You’ll see your iPhone’s name as well as a quick glance at total usage time and a graph displaying the length of time you spent using apps of various categories.

    iPhone Screen Time features

  4. Tap the name of your iPhone or the graph to view the Screen Time details screen, which is a more detailed listing of your iPhone activities, including a breakdown of how you used your apps throughout the day, which apps you used the most, and so on.
  5. In the Most Used section, tap Show Categories to see apps listed by category (such as Social Networking, Entertainment, Productivity, and more); tap Show Apps & websites to return to the previous view.

    Touch-and-hold a bar graph to see even more detailed information about an activity. A green pop-up displays more granular info, which will go away again when you stop touching the screen.

    There are two tabs at the top of the page: one called Today and another called Last 7 Days. Tap the one you’d like to see displayed.

    iPhone Screen Time duration

  6. Tap an app under the Most Used section to see app-specific information, and then tap the back arrow in the upper-left corner to return to the previous screen.
  7. Scroll down the page to see how many times you’ve picked up your iPhone and when, get an overview of how many notifications you’ve received, and which apps generated them.

    iPhone Screen Time notificiations

    Tap an app’s name in the Notifications section to open the Notification settings for that app, should you want to make adjustments based on the activity reported for it.

  8. Tap the Screen Time button in the upper-left corner to return to the main Screen Time settings.
  9. Scroll down to Use Screen Time Passcode. If you’d like to use a passcode to keep your Screen Time settings secure, tap the option and provide a 4-digit passcode.

    This will prevent anyone else from changing your settings and also lets you allow users more time with apps when time limits have been set for them. If you prefer not to use a passcode, skip to the next step.

  10. Toggle the Share Across Devices switch On or Off, depending on whether you’d like to view your Screen Time for this device on other iOS devices you may own.
  11. Finally, Tap the Turn Off Screen Time button at the bottom of the options if you want to disable this awesome feature.