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Spending a little time within the Settings panel is worthwhile when you’re using Twitter to help you with your job search. Head over to the triangle drop-down menu next to your username on the top-right corner of the page and click on Settings.

Personalize your profile background

You can personalize the look of your Twitter account by uploading background images and collages. You want the colors, images, and words you use to be professional and consistent with your personal brand.

Making your Twitter profile background consistent with your personal brand probably requires you to create a custom background instead of selecting one of Twitter’s backgrounds. To do this, go to the Settings page by clicking on the drop-down menu shown next to the gear icon. Next, choose the Design tab and then click on Change Background Image at the bottom of the page. There, you can upload an image file.

If you’re savvy with any image-production or graphic-design software and want to build a custom background, check out these Twitter background guidelines.

If you want a simple background that doesn’t involve graphic design, following is a list of free online resources to try out. In most cases when you use these tools, your Twitter background is automatically updated when you finish with a design.

How to write a Twitter header

Whereas the background of your profile spans the entire page, your header displays just behind your profile picture in a small rectangle. If you don’t upload a header, yours will simply appear black. Because your picture appears right in the middle of the header, some headers interact with the picture in creative ways.

For example, you might put a mustache in the header right around where your face would show up. Some people use sharks to look like they are just about to get eaten. The best headers complement the picture in color and perspective. Check out this video and gallery to see some great examples.


To help get you started with some headers, here’s a list of websites where you can download your first header:

Choose a link

You can share one clickable link in your Twitter profile for people to click on if they want to find out more about you. Choose your LinkedIn profile, another online résumé, or your own website or blog. Make sure this link takes people to a location that has more information about your job qualifications.

Prevent Twitter from becoming annoying

If you’re not careful with your settings, Twitter can easily overrun your life. To keep Twitter under control, make the following minor tweaks to your Account and Notifications settings in the Settings page:

  • Don’t let others find you from your e-mail address.

  • Don’t get e-mailed for every little Twitter activity. The only e-mail you probably want to get is a weekly digest of tweets and stories.

  • Don’t protect your tweets; doing so defeats the whole point of networking and building relationships.

  • Don’t tell Twitter to e-mail you if you get a new follower — unless of course you want to receive tons of pestering e-mails per day.

  • Don’t use TrueTwit verification. This service requires new followers to verify their humanity and adds one more barrier between you and someone else. Most people never bother to verify.

  • Don’t tell Twitter to e-mail you if you receive a direct message, because DMs can be spammy.

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