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Just being on LinkedIn during your job search may not necessarily be enough to make you easy to communicate with. If you were to ask an economist whether the economy is driven by large corporations or small midsized businesses (SMBs), most of them would tell you it’s the SMBs.

The problem is the SMBs don’t have the same budget for talent acquisition as their larger counterparts. They can’t always afford the LinkedIn Recruiter product, which would allow them to inMail anyone and give them access to way more profiles.

So if an SMB stumbled on your profile and wanted to connect with you, it would have to use up one of its five inMails. Or if it was all out, it couldn’t contact you at all. And because that would be a huge problem for you, you need to make it as easy as possible for companies to make contact.

The easiest way to ensure SMBs can find you is to simply include your e-mail address at the bottom of your profile. However, many people are not comfortable with that. A safer alternative is to link to a separate landing page.

If you have an page, then people can use it to send you an e-mail without them knowing your e-mail address. Or if you have your own website or blog, you can use a contact form. Include this link in the Links section of your profile or at the end of your profile Summary.

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