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It can be difficult to write for your job search using social media. Not everyone enjoys writing. Some people are just unable to adapt to a new style of writing to match online mediums. Blog writing is different than book writing or report writing, for example. The good news is that you don’t have to write to publish online content. Here are other mediums you may also consider:

  • Podcasts or audio blogging: This option is perfect for people who enjoy conversations or talking out their ideas. Just check out to see all the different types of audio blogging topics out there.

  • Video blogging: These unproduced, simple, two- to three-minute video conversations are a great way of building intimacy with an audience. Many great business leaders have taken to this medium.

  • Short blogs: Short blog posts are between 50 and 100 words, or two to three sentences, and can be fun, to the point, and easy to read. Seth Godin virtually created this format. On his blog, he writes very short posts, but he posts every single day. They’re usually high impact and poignant and most are less than 100 words.

  • Facebook Fan Page posts: These posts let you reach your audience by letting Facebook handle the technology. George Kao has turned his Facebook Fan Page into a highly engaging blog. He once said that he doesn’t really enjoy blogging, but that didn’t stop him from building incredible expertise online.

  • E-newsletters: These newsletters can be powerful at adding value to an audience, but they require you to build a contact list first. You can have a website that captures e-mail addresses and then actually delivers your content via e-mails. Some services now allow you to charge small amounts of money for someone to subscribe to your newsletter.

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