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The end of your video résumé is very important for your job search. Hiring managers tend to remember the last few moments of your video as they review candidates for a position, so make sure your video goes out with a bang. If you manage to make an impression and enable the hiring manager to get in touch with you, chances are good that you’ll get a call back.

Always end your video by reaffirming your excitement and passion for the position. That final blast of energy will carry you far. Practice saying things like, “I’m confident that my background and skills are a great match for your organization.”

Add a call to action

Every good marketing piece needs a clear call to action. Because your video résumé is essentially a three-minute infomercial about you, you need to make clear what you want the hiring manager to do after watching your video.

Make sure you give him a good reason to call you. For example, you may say, “So if you’re looking for an energetic and passionate accountant with an eye for detail on your team, please give me a call right away.” (The words in italics are the call to action.)

Consider ending your video with a question. Curiosity is one of the most powerful human emotions. Asking the viewer a quiz question and then saying, “To get the answer, set up a call with me,” can be a playful yet powerful way to get the call back. Do you know any weird factoids about your field that people may be interested in?

Relay the best way to contact you

Your call to action leaves the hiring manager ready to reach out to you, so make doing so easy by sharing your contact information. Because a hiring manager is most likely going to view your video during normal business hours, give your daytime phone number or your e-mail address and note that you’ll respond to any inquiries as soon as possible.

Speak your contact info aloud while it is also displayed on the screen. You’ve seen those late-night TV commercials: “Act now, and you get to hire me and get these two toys for free!” They often repeat the contact info because it’s so important.

If you ask a hiring manager to e-mail you to set up an appointment, make sure you have a professional e-mail address. That Hotmail address you set up in middle school, [email protected], just doesn’t cut it. Make sure you use your name or some combination of your name and numbers. Also, if you give out your phone number, be sure your voicemail is professional.

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