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Natural cures can help with lots of different ailments. Leaky gut syndrome is a condition in which the small intestine becomes more porous and permeable than normal, allowing irritants, such as toxins, undigested food particles, waste products, and microbes, to leak into surrounding areas where these substances shouldn’t be.

Leaky gut causes the immune system to identify food particles as alien invaders and launch an attack that leads to inflammation and a host of health symptoms, including food allergies and sensitivities, digestive upset, diarrhea, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems.

Treatment for leaky gut syndrome focuses on restoring the health of the entire digestive system, particularly the small intestine. Diet is key. A key first step is to avoid wheat, sugar, dairy, soy, corn, and trans fats, which contribute to a leaky gut.

Almost every autoimmune disorder has a common characteristic of leaky gut unless proven otherwise. In leaky gut, large protein molecules, such as gluten from wheat, pass between intestinal cells that have become more permeable. Gluten releases zonulin, an enzyme made by the body that breaks the seal between digestive tract cells. All humans make zonulin when they ingest gluten, and zonulin causes leaky gut.

In addition to avoiding junk food and eating healthy, take the following supplements to support a healthy gut and the beneficial microbes that live there:

  • Colostrum: 10,000 mg daily

  • Probiotic: A combination of probiotic bacteria that supports gastrointestinal and immune system health, consisting of 5 billion live organisms per dose from well-researched strains chosen for their ability to maintain viability throughout the small intestine:

    • Lactobacillus helveticus Rosell-52 (3 billion CFUs)

    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11 (1 billion CFUs)

    • Bifidobacterium lion gum Rosell-175 (1 billion CFUs)

  • Alkalizing super green drink: 1 or 2 drinks daily between meals to help calm and heal an irritated gastric and esophageal lining

    Make your own alkalizing super green drink from organic ingredients or choose an organic product that’s low in total sugar (less than 10 grams) and free of artificial coloring and sweeteners. Check out Vida Pure Mighty Maca super alkalizing green drink.

You can also improve gut health by eating fermented foods, including organic pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt (full-fat varieties without added fruit or sugar), miso, tempeh, and kimchi, to support beneficial microbes in your gut.

Eat relaxed, not in a hurry, and chew your food to liquid before swallowing to improve the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Stop eating when you’re 80 percent full to prevent indigestion and to help to maintain a healthy weight.

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