Spanish Phrases For Dummies
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This list gives you 11 of the most commonly used Spanish phrases to master. Many of these can come up in the course of a conversation, so make a point of knowing them.

  • ¡Hola! (oh-lah) (Hello!)

  • ¡Qué tal! (keh tahl) (Hi! [literally: how are things?!])

  • ¡Buenos días! (boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs) (Good morning!)

  • ¡Buenos tardes! (boo-eh-nahs tahr-dehs) (Good afternoon!)

  • ¡Buenas noches! (boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs) (Good evening!)

  • ¡Hasta luego! (ahs-tah loo-eh-goh) (See you later!)

  • ¡Adiós! (ah-dee-ohs) (Goodbye! Bye!)

  • ¡Aquí tienes! (ah-kee tee-eh-nehs) (Here you are!)

  • ¿Por favor? (pohr fah-bohr) (Please?)

  • ¡Gracias! (grah-theeahs) (Thanks!)

  • ¡Lo siento! (loh see-ehn-toh) (I’m sorry!)

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