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Maybe you’ve seen an international calendar listing the days of the week in different languages, including Spanish. But which of those were the Spanish words? Here are los días de la semana (the days of the week) in Spanish:

  • lunes (loo-nehs) (Monday)

  • martes (mahr-tehs) (Tuesday)

  • miércoles (meeehr-koh-lehs) (Wednesday)

  • jueves (Hooeh-bvehs) (Thursday)

  • viernes (bveeehr-nehs) (Friday)

  • sábado (sah-bvah-doh) (Saturday)

  • domingo (doh-meen-goh) (Sunday)

Repeat these words aloud until they just roll off your tongue.

The following phrases include the days of the week. Practice the sentences until you’re comfortable with the words.

  • La clase va a ser el martes. (lah klah-seh bvah a sehr ehl mahr-tehs) (The class will be held on Tuesday.)

  • No puedo ir hasta el miércoles. (noh pooeh-doh eer ahs-tah ehl meeehr-koh-lehs) (I can’t go until Wednesday.)

  • Va a llegar el viernes. (bvah ah yeh-gahr ehl bveeehr-nes) (He’s going to arrive on Friday.)

  • Me voy el domingo. (meh bvohy ehl doh-meen-goh) (I’m leaving on Sunday.)

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