Navigating the Xcode Workspace Window for iPhone App Development

By Neal Goldstein

Part of iPhone Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Xcode is essential for iPhone app development. And command central for Xcode is the Workspace window, where you perform all the tasks you need to do to develop your iPhone app. The Workspace window consists of the following:

  • The toolbar

  • An optional tab bar

  • Areas

The Workspace is divided into the following four areas (outlined in blue and identified in blue text in the figure):

  • Editor area (always shown)

  • Navigator area

  • Utility area

  • Debug area

Areas are toggled on and off by using the View selector (outlined in blue in the top right of the figure). Xcode also has three editor panes: the Standard editor pane, the Assistant editor pane, and a Version editor pane. These are selected in the Editor selector (outlined in green to the left of the View selector).