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Links to Cool Windows 8 Application Development Stuff

By Bill Sempf

Part of Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Windows 8, Links to Cool Stuff is a way of life. Here is where, at least at the time of writing, you can get what you need for Windows 8 application development.

Cool Stuff What It Does Link
Generation app Get help from Microsoft to build your app idea in 30 days
— for free. Can’t do better than that.
Developer downloads Need the tools to get started writing Windows Store apps? Get
them here.
Windows Azure free trial Need a place to keep your services? Who doesn’t? Give
Microsoft Azure a try for free.
Windows Phone app in 30 days Thinking of taking your Windows 8 idea to the Windows Phone?
Great idea. Microsoft gives you free help to get it on the store in
30 days.
Windows Academy Need some more training? What you can’t learn from For
you can find at Windows Academy.