Practice Math Questions for Praxis: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

By Carla Kirkland, Chan Cleveland

Dividing fractions is just like multiplying them, except with division, you start by standing one of the fractions on its head. The Praxis Core exam will probably ask some questions where you have to multiply and divide fractions, so be ready for both.

In the following practice questions, you have to solve word problems where you find the product of three fractions, and then divide two negative mixed fractions.

Practice questions

  1. In an organization, 2/9 of the members are from Texas. Three-sevenths of those members are women. Of those women, 5/8 ride a bus to work. What portion of the members of the organization are women from Texas who ride a bus to work?


  2. What is the value of


Answers and explanations

  1. The correct answer is Choice (E).
    The portion of the members of the organization who are women from Texas who ride a bus to work is

    of the people in the organization. A fraction of another number is the same as the fraction times the other number, so


  2. The correct answer is


    Convert both mixed numbers to improper fractions. Divide the first improper fraction by the second.