Paintable Resin for 3D Models - dummies

Paintable Resin for 3D Models

By Shaun Bryant

Paintable resin provides all of the qualities of resin, but it has a rougher surface that provides a key for paint and color. To paint on a 3D model effectively, you need a key, which is a slightly rougher surface that allows the paint to adhere to that surface.

The maker and hobbyist communities love paintable resin because they can 3D print a design and then apply colored paints to give the 3d print realism and make it look real world. Numerous fantasy modeling communities around the world have jumped into the world of 3D printing so that they can model, 3D print, and paint fantasy characters from the likes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics and use them for ornaments, board gaming figures, and mascots for their desks.

Refer to the preceding section to see what the Tinkercad guys have to say about resin as a 3D printing material. The figure shows an action figure made from paintable resin to give you an idea of what it would look like before and after painting.

An action figure made from paintable resin, both painted and unpainted.