How to Translate Foreign Language Text in Word 2016

By Peter Weverka

Office 2016 offers a gizmo for translating words and phrases from one language to another. The translation gizmo gives you the opportunity to translate single words and phrases as well as entire documents, although it is only good for translating words and phrases. To translate an entire document, you have to seek the help of a real, native speaker.

Follow these steps to translate foreign language text:

  1. Select the word or phrase that needs translating.

  2. On the Review tab, click the Translate button and choose a Translate option on the drop-down list.

    Office offers these ways to translate words:

    • Translate Document: Word sends the text to Microsoft Translator, a translation service, and the translated text appears on a web page. Copy the text and do what you will with it. (If the wrong translation languages are listed, choose correct languages from the drop-down lists on the top of the web page.)

    • Translate Selected Text: The Research task pane opens, as shown here. Choose a From and To option to translate the word from one language to another.

      Use the Research task pane to translate a word or phrase.

      Use the Research task pane to translate a word or phrase.