How to Select Table Cells in Word 2016 - dummies

How to Select Table Cells in Word 2016

By Dan Gookin

Two things you can select in a Word 2016 table are the text inside the cells or the cells themselves. You can also select rows, columns, or the entire table. Here are some suggestions:

  • Triple-click in a cell to select all text in that cell.

  • Select a single cell by positioning the mouse pointer in the cell’s lower-left corner. The pointer changes to a northeastward-pointing arrow, as shown here. Click to select the cell, which includes the cell’s text but primarily the cell itself.


  • Move the mouse pointer into the left margin and click to select a row of cells.

  • Move the mouse pointer above a column, and click to select that column. When the pointer is in the sweet spot, it changes to a downward-pointing arrow (shown here).


  • Clicking the table’s handle selects the entire table. The handle is visible whenever the mouse points at the table or when the insertion pointer is placed inside the table.


  • If you have trouble selecting any part of a cell, click the Table Tools Layout tab. In the Table group, the Select button’s menu provides commands to select the entire table, a row, a column, or a single cell.