How to Print a Specific Page in Word 2016

By Dan Gookin

Printing a single page in Word 2016 is useful when the printer goofs up one page in a document and you need to reprint only that page or when you just need a portion of a longer document and want to preserve a tree. Follow these steps to print only one page of your document:

  1. Move the insertion pointer so that it’s sitting somewhere on the page you want to print.

  2. Press Ctrl+P.

  3. Check the page number on the status bar to ensure that you’re on the correct page.

    Click the Print Range button below the Settings heading.

    Refer to the figure shown for the button’s location.

  4. Choose Print Current Page from the menu.

  5. Click the Print button.

    Specific buttons on the Print screen.
    Specific buttons on the Print screen.

The single page prints with all the formatting you applied, including footnotes and page numbers and everything else, just as though you plucked that page from a complete printing of the entire document.