Excel Macros: Shortcut Keys for Working in the VBE Code Window

By Michael Alexander

Part of Excel Macros For Dummies Cheat Sheet

What to Press on Your Keyboard What It Does
Ctrl + Down Arrow Selects the next procedure
Ctrl + Up Arrow Selects the previous procedure
Ctrl + Page Down Shifts one screen down
Ctrl + Page Up Shifts one screen up
Shift + F2 Goes to the selected function or variable
Ctrl + Shift + F2 Goes to the last position
Ctrl + Home Goes to the beginning of module
Ctrl + End Goes to the end of module
Ctrl + Right Arrow Moves one word to the right
Ctrl + Left Arrow Moves one word to the left
End Moves to the end of the line
Home Moves to the beginning of the line
Tab Indents the current line
Shift + Tab Removes the indent for the current line
Ctrl + J Lists the properties and methods for the selected object