Changing the View in Office 2019 - dummies

By Faithe Wempen

Each Office 2019 application has a variety of viewing options available. Each view is suited for a certain type of activity in that Office 2019 application. For example, in Word, you can choose Draft view, which is speedy to work with and presents the text in a simple one-column layout. Or you can choose a Print Layout view, where you can see any special layout formatting you applied, such as multiple columns.

These views are available in Office 2019:

  • Excel 2019
    • Normal: Displays a regular row-and-column grid.
    • Page Break Preview: Shows a zoomed-out version of the worksheet with page break lines that you can drag to adjust where they fall.
    • Page Layout: Displays the content as it will appear on a printed page.
  • Word 2019
    • Read Mode: Optimizes the display for onscreen reading. You cannot edit the document in this view.
    • Print Layout: Shows the document approximately as it will be printed, including any layout features, such as multiple columns.
    • Web Layout: Displays the document as it will appear if saved as a web page and published on a website.
    • Outline: Displays the document as an outline, with headings as outline levels.
    • Draft: Displays the document in simple text form, in a single column.
  • PowerPoint 2019
    • Normal: This default view provides multiple panes for working with the content.
    • Outline: The same as Normal view except instead of thumbnails of each slide you see a text outline of slide content.
    • Slide Sorter: All of the slides appear as thumbnail images, which is useful for rearranging the order of slides.
    • Notes Page: Each slide appears as a graphic on a page where notes are displayed.
    • Reading View: Similar to Slide Show view except in a floating window rather than full screen.
    • Slide Show: The presentation is shown to the audience, one slide at a time. The Slide Show view controls appear on the Slide Show tab, rather than on the View tab with the other views.

Each Office 2019 application has shortcut buttons to a few of the most common views. You can find these buttons to the left of the Zoom slider. Hover your mouse over a button to find out which view it selects.

Offie 2019 zoom slider and views