How to Use Keyboard Equivalents to Format in Dashcode - dummies

How to Use Keyboard Equivalents to Format in Dashcode

By Jesse Feiler

Part of Dashcode For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Dashcode Format menu is full of fonts and commands to use for your projects. These fonts and commands affect selected text or, if none is selected, will affect text that you type in next. Commands may not be available from objects that don’t support text.

Formatting fonts (in the Format→Font submenus)

These are the commands to format text. Text is automatically formatted in the code that you write, but these commands format text that appears in text fields and other interface elements.

Show/Hide Fonts Command -T
Bold (on/off) Command-B
Italic (on/off) Command -I
Bigger font size Command -+
Smaller font size Command –

Formatting paragraphs in Dashcode

The following commands, available in the Format→Text submenus, format paragraphs of text in the interface.

Align left shift-Command- {
Align center shift-Command- |
Align right shift-Command- }

Arranging objects with keyboard equivalents

These commands are in the Arrange menu. Remember to select the objects to arrange before issuing the command or using the keyboard equivalent.

Bring forward option-shift-Command-F
Bring to front shift-Command-F
Bring backward option-shift-Command-B
Bring to back shift-Command-B