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WebEx Web Meetings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From WebEx Web Meetings For Dummies

By Nancy Stevenson

The WebEx Web Meetings software enables you to have meetings, conferences, and presentations with your clients or employees who can’t get together in person. Familiarize yourself with the Meeting Center, the My WebEx menus, and some handy shortcuts to make running your WebEx meetings more efficient.

The WebEx Meeting Center Environment

The Meeting Center is where you host and participate in WebEx meetings, so you’ll spend a lot of time there. To get you comfortable with the WebEx Meeting Center, here are a few of the tools and features you’ll use.


WebEx Meeting Center Shortcuts

From within the WebEx Meeting Center, you can use shortcut keystroke combinations to invoke certain actions. The following table shows you all of the available shortcuts in WebEx Web Meetings.

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+W Close Meeting Center
Ctrl+T Transfer files
Ctrl+Z Undo last action
Ctrl+Y Redo last undone action
Ctrl+Alt+F Display Font Formatting dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+O (oh, not zero) Share presentation or document
Ctrl+Alt+A Share application
Ctrl+Alt+D Share Desktop
Ctrl+Alt+N Display whiteboard
Alt+Enter Display full screen
Ctrl++ (plus sign) Zoom in
Ctrl+- (minus sign) Zoom out
Ctrl+Alt+M Pass microphone
Ctrl+M Mute/unmute your microphone
Ctrl+F Find participant
F1 Help

Menus on the My WebEx Page

My WebEx is where you control all your user settings. Display My WebEx by clicking the My WebEx tab on your WebEx site as shown in this figure.

The MyWebex page of the Webex website has all of the scheduled meetings and user settings.

The following table summarizes what you’ll find on the My WebEx page.

Menu Name What You Can Do
My Meetings Display all your scheduled meetings; access to One-Click
Meetings setup
My Computers Set up computers to be accessed remotely
My Files Store files for use in presentations; access recorded event
My Contacts Enter, import, export, and view WebEx contacts
My Profile Enter/edit your name/contact information, Personal Meeting Room
settings, and default session type
My Reports Access usage reports, attendee reports, archived file reports,
and so on
Preferences Set your home page, time zone, language, and locale
Training Access information on WebEx training options
Support Access information about WebEx support
Feedback Send feedback to WebEx Customer Care