How to Use the Find Dialog Box in QuickBooks 2017 - dummies

How to Use the Find Dialog Box in QuickBooks 2017

By Stephen L. Nelson

When you can’t remember the information that you need to find a particular entry or transaction in QuickBooks 2017, you can search for the information by using the Find dialog box.

If you can’t recall when you entered the bill, choose Edit → Find to open the Find dialog box. Choose a filter (the category to search by). The box to the right changes to include drop-down lists or text boxes that you can use to specify what you want to search for.

Choose as many filters as you like, but be careful to enter information accurately; otherwise, QuickBooks will look for the wrong information. Also, try to strike a balance, choosing only as many filters as you really need to find your information. The more filters you choose, the more searching QuickBooks does and the longer the search takes.

After you finish choosing filters, click the Find button; the transactions that match all your filters appear in the list at the bottom of the window. Click the transaction that you want to examine more closely and then click Go To. QuickBooks opens the appropriate window and takes you right to the transaction. Very snazzy.