How to Rotate Elements in Adobe Edge Animate - dummies

How to Rotate Elements in Adobe Edge Animate

By Michael Rohde

You can rotate elements in your Adobe Edge Animate composition, like the wheels of a car, which is different from making an element spin. Here, learn how to:

  • Use the Rotate feature from the Properties panel to make your text appear to rotate.

  • Make a rotation animation appear as if it’s happening very quickly or very slowly.

This technique to make elements rotate also works on imported images.

Determine how fast to make the element rotate

After you have a text box or an image ready to rotate, you need to determine how long you want the animation to last.

  • If you want the rotating to happen quickly, separate the Playhead from the Pin in the Timeline for about a half-second or so.

  • If you want the text or image to rotate more slowly, then move the Playhead further down the Timeline away from the Pin.

    The shorter the duration of the animation, the quicker it happens. The longer the animation lasts, the slower it plays out. For a quick animation, create a very short keyframe. For a slow animation, create a long keyframe.

Use the rotate feature

Go to the Properties panel and find the Rotate feature as shown in this figure. Click the diamond next to Rotate to set the position of your object at the start of the animation sequence. Then set up your Timeline to make an animation sequence.

There are two ways to change the rotation of an object from the Properties panel:

  • Click and drag the thin white line on the Rotate circle in a circular fashion

  • Input a degree value by clicking the orange 0 and typing in the number of degrees you want the object to rotate.

If you type in the degrees manually and press Enter, the thin white line on the circle rotates to the degree value you indicated. This provides a helpful visual clue to the angle created by the number of the degrees you entered.


For the keyframe to appear, the Stopwatch icon in the Timeline must be red.

After you create the animation sequence, you can press the spacebar to play the rotating animation.

If you want to change the speed of the rotating effect, place the cursor at the end of the keyframe in the Timeline so that you see the double-arrow cursor. Then click and drag to create either of the following effects:

  • Slow down the rotation by increasing the length of the keyframe.

  • Speed up the rotation by decreasing the length of the keyframe.