Finding the Right Platform for Your Corporate Blog

By Douglas Karr, Chantelle Flannery

Part of Corporate Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The first place to start your corporate blog is by choosing a blogging platform. You have choices of hosted and self-hosted platforms. Your corporate blog can be set up on many different platforms, depending on what you need. Make sure you choose the platform that is right for your organization’s requirements.

Software URL Notes
Blogger Hosted; owned by Google; very limited optimization and
personalization capabilities
Expression Engine Requires you to host, optimize, and develop custom themes.
TypePad Hosted; will require custom theming
TypePad Business Hosted; monitored; suited for business blogs; will require
custom theming
Moveable Type Requires you to host and to develop Hosted; limited customization
WordPress Requires optimization expert and theming design; heavy traffic
will need to be configured on a good infrastructure
WordPress MU Requires you to host and configure; built for managing multiple
WordPress VIP Hosted; monitored; for high performing blogs; will require
theming; will require SEO research
Compendium Software as a Service; require custom theming; comes with
keyword research and client success
Drupal Primarily a social application framework; blogging is a
Joomla! Primarily a content management system; blogging is a
Posterous Hosted; intended for quick posts; not corporate friendly
Tumblr Hosted; intended for quick posts; not corporate friendly