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With easy-to-follow advice about our feathered fliers, furry friends, canine companions, and cuddly cats, Dummies has the info you need to take the best possible care of your pet.

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Doodle Dogs For Dummies

Published 10-19-2021

Fall in love with a Doodle Dog! This guide tells you everything you need to know about this popular cross-breed.

With their cute names and curly coats, Doodles have become popular pets. And why not? They’re more than just cute—they’re generally affectionate, playful, and highly trainable dogs. They also don’t shed much, so they’ll ideal for people with pet allergies. In other words, a perfect family companion!

If you don’t know exactly what a Doodle is, they’re a cross breed of a poodle with another kind of dog; think Labradoodles (Labrador and poodle), Aussiedoodles (Australian shepherd and poodle), Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever and poodle), or Sheepadoodles (English Sheepdog and poodle). You get the idea. The possibilities are endless and no matter the crossbreed, they all live in the cuteness zone.

If you don’t want to resist—and who can?—Doodle Dogs For Dummies is the ultimate guide on all things Doodles. You’ll find helpful information within its pages whether you’re just considering a Doodle, or you’ve already brought one home.

  • Learn how to identify breeds
  • Find the Doodle that's best for your family
  • Pick a breeder or go the animal shelter route
  • Keep your Doodle looking their best with proper grooming
  • Acclimate your Doodle to your home, including to other pets
  • Get expert tips on training and healthy treats for your Doodle

From long walks on sunny days to cuddling on the couch, you have a lot of quality time to look forward to with your furry best friend. And Doodle Dogs For Dummies will ensure that your Doodle is happy and healthy for their lifetime.

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Finches For Dummies

Published 09-28-2021

Explore the wide world of finches 

Finches For Dummies is your entry into the fascinating world of finches. Canaries are probably the most well-known type of finch, but finches are a widely diverse species of birds. They actually encompass several hundred different types of birds, including Gouldians, goldfinches, zebra finches, and owl finches. They also come in an amazing variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some are very vocal; some are not. How you care for your finch depends on its species, size, and temperament. But no need to stress. Finches For Dummies is here to help you find the perfect feathered friend! 

This practical guide sets you up to become a responsible finch caretaker. Inside, you’ll find information on: 

  • Feeding your finches and keeping them healthy 
  • Choosing the ideal enclosure and supplies for your finches 
  • Adjusting to finch life with children or other pets 
  • Breeding your finches 

With the advice and tips in Finches For Dummies, you and your pet finches can maintain a fun and thriving relationship for a long time. If you’re interested in adopting one of these amazing birds, pick up a copy! 


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Parakeets For Dummies

Published 07-07-2021

Tweet, tweet, parakeet! Your one-stop resource when you're ready to bring home a budgie

There are lots of perks to owning a parakeet (also known as a budgie). This book introduces you to your beautiful budgie buddy and prepares you to give that bird a home that other avian companions will envy. Perfect for first-time bird owners and seasoned bird parents, Parakeets For Dummies offers expert advice on adopting a parakeet and introducing it to other fur or feathered babies you might have. You'll also discover the best way to groom and train your parakeet and learn how to teach it to talk. And when your feathered friend appears to be under the weather, you can turn to this book to identify the symptoms of illness and know what to look for when choosing a vet for your pet.

  • Discover whether a parakeet is a good fit for your family, including any existing birds and other pets
  • Construct a comfortable enclosure and prep your home so your bird can play safely
  • Protect your parakeet from common dangers and avoidable illnesses
  • Feed your parakeet a healthy and varied diet to ensure a long and healthy life

This helpful handbook contains the latest tips and tools for parakeet care so your new family member will feel right at home right away.

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Ferrets For Dummies

Published 03-03-2021

Everything you need to know about your playful new pet 

Thinking of getting a ferret? It’s not unusual—millions of people worldwide keep ferrets as pets, and they’ve been domesticated for around 2,500 years! While they’re quiet for a lot of the day (catching up on important beauty sleep), when they’re awake, they’re lively, affectionate, and curious—and require lots of quality interaction with their humans. And that’s why a happy ferret is a well-trained one, whose owner knows everything there is to know about its needs!  

Ferrets For Dummies, 3rd Edition is here to make sure you become just that kind of owner, fully equipped to give your little friend the best possible home. It’s packed with practical information on feeding, housing, health, medical care, and much more. You’ll also find the latest on diet, dental hygiene, common ailments, and how to build an enjoyable and engaging environment for your smart, energetic new pet. There’s even a section on how to get to know your ferret properly (spotting those little mood swings) and how to introduce it to play well with friends and family. 

  • Make sure a ferret’s the pet for you 
  • Ferret-proof your home 
  • Keep a clean house 
  • Find the right vet 

Whether you have a jill (female), a hob (male), or a full “business” of ferrets (several), Ferrets For Dummies helps you ferret out whatever you need to know—and ensure that your fuzzy new pal is a healthy, happy member of the household.


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Parrots For Dummies

Published 02-24-2021

Repeat after me: Parrots aren’t just for pirates!

While parrots have a historical reputation for being a pirate's best friend, in the modern-day U.S.—where birds are the nation’s third most popular household pet-thousands of landlubbers are in on the act! And that’s not surprising—parrots are as affectionate, friendly, and fun to be with as a dog or cat. They are also relatively low-maintenance, with no rude 5 a.m. awakenings with demands for food or punishing walks.

Renowned avian care and behavior consultant Nikki Moustaki is your friendly guide to the colorful world of this intelligent and chatty pet. In this book, you'll be introduced to the vibrant diversity of the parrot world, which covers a wide variety of Psittacidae family members, including macaws, cockatiels, and parakeets. You'll also learn the best ways to choose, care for, and love your resplendently feathered companion.

  • Pick your perfect parrot
  • Devour the latest on nutrition
  • Tame and train
  • Make the perfect home

Whether you're just setting out in the parrot world or are a seasoned voyager on the parrot-y seas, this 2nd edition of Parrots For Dummies has something for you and your pet—and will repay the hard-won pirate gold you spent on it a thousand times over!

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Birds For Dummies

Published 01-07-2021

Your one-stop guide to caring for your avian companion

Pet birds are intelligent, affectionate, and rewarding companions. No matter what bird you choose, you need to set up a happy home for him with the right stuff. You also need to keep your bird healthy by performing routine care and knowing what a healthy bird looks like and how he behaves.

This friendly guide describes the birds that make the best pets, explains how to select the bird that's best for you, offers tips on bonding with your feathered friend, and provides expert advice on feeding and environmental enrichment that will keep these intelligent pets engaged.

  • Benefit from a full-color guide to pet birds
  • Choose the right bird based on your budget and lifestyle
  • Create a bird-friendly environment that minimizes noise and mess
  • Bond with your winged pet

If you’re ready for your love of birds to take flight, this book has everything you need.

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Pit Bulls For Dummies

Published 11-10-2020

The good, the bad, and the snugly about your new best friend

No breed of dog is the subject of more extreme feelings—both good and bad—than the Pit Bull. Man-eating monster or heroic nanny-dog: What's the real story? Are Pit Bulls the very best breed for kids? (Not always.) Is it all in how you raise them? (Not totally). Will they lick you to death? (Absolutely!)

In the fully updated 2nd Edition of Pit Bulls For Dummies, Dr. Caroline Coile—Dog Writer's Association of America Hall of Famer and former Pit Bull owner—sniffs out the reality behind the myth, rips through the dogma that both vilifies and sanctifies this unique family of dogs, helps you find the best source for your new family member, and shows you the latest and greatest ways to raise, train, and live with your own partying Pit Bull and reap the rewards of happy canine companionship for years to come.

Understand your Pit Bull’s origins and characteristics

  • Decide if a Pit Bull is for you
  • Evaluate Pit Bull sources, whether adopting, rescuing, or buying
  • Care for all ages, from puppies to older dogs
  • Deal with bad behavior
  • Socialize your new dog

Follow the advice in this book and help show the world that well-brought-up Pit Bulls are some of the most charming, companionable, and fun-to-be-around dogs out there—enjoy!

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Siberian Huskies For Dummies

Published 10-27-2020

Discover how to raise, train, and enjoy your Siberian Husky with this fantastic resource 

The Second Edition of Siberian Huskies For Dummies offers the most up-to-date information about welcoming a Siberian Husky into your home and loving your new family member. Author and Husky owner Diane Morgan walks you through how to care for these beautiful, curious, and engaging dogs, as she: 

  • Suggests ideal methods for adopting and selecting a Husky right for you  
  • Examines ways to socialize your new Husky 
  • Shares details about Siberian Husky grooming and veterinary care 
  • Provides additional information about behavior correction and training 

Siberian Huskies For Dummies is packed full of practical tips about how to raise and have fun with your young or old Siberian Husky. The author shares her advice in plain English for people looking for accessible and approachable information. 

Perfect for new and experienced husky owners, Siberian Huskies For Dummies also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone who’s ever considered adopting one of these magnificent animals. 

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Mixed Breeds For Dummies

Published 10-13-2020

Own and care for a classy dog—no pedigree required!

All dogs are unique—but mixed breeds are even more so! The new edition of Mixed Breeds For Dummies helps you count the ways, walking you through the latest on choosing, training, and caring for a non-traditionally pedigreed pup. Whether you prefer mystery mixes or designer Labradoodles, winsome rescues or pampered pups from a breeder, you'll find everything you need to know and more about your new faithful friend—including the science on why they frequently enjoy better health than most pedigreed breeds and often make better domestic companions!

In her friendly, dog-whisperer style, professional animal trainer and prolific author, Miriam Fields-Babineau, begins with tips on choosing the mix that's right for you, setting up a puppy-friendly environment, and making sure your larder is stocked with healthy foods they'll love. Once you're confident your new pal is happily settled in, she clues you in on the best (and most enjoyable) ways to exercise together for maximum fitness, finding a vet you trust (and administering first aid yourself), as well as schooling you in the latest animal psychology-based training methods to ensure you both know where you stand (or sit). You'll also discover ways to get to know your friend even better—from exercises to test their temperament to delving into the secrets hidden in their DNA!

  • Decide which mix is the one for you
  • Keep your furry friend healthy, from puppy to senior
  • Establish discipline and overcome common training challenges
  • Socialize your dog at a mixed-breed club

From walks and games on the beach to cozy nights in your happy home, there's a lot of fun to look forward to with your not-quite-best-in-show but much-loved best friend. This book will ensure you and your mixed-breed pal will live happily and healthily ever after!

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Golden Retrievers For Dummies

Published 06-30-2020

Get the most out of this Golden breed 

Man’s best friend doesn’t get any better than the Golden Retriever. Originally bred as hunting companions who retrieved birds and hares and delivered them to hand, the breed today is much more than “just a hunting dog.”  Highly intelligent and eager-to-please, Golden Retrievers have a history as working dogs that makes them easy to train. Attired in a luxurious fur coat and blessed with a gentle and affectionate nature, they are the third most popular breed in the United States and a favorite for families with young children.  

Written in a friendly style by Retriever-owner Nona Kilgore Bauer, the 2nd edition of Golden Retrievers For Dummies puts everything you need to know about your furry friend right in your hand. You’ll learn how to care for a Golden Retriever from puppyhood to its stately golden years and how to communicate with them better. You’ll also learn about grooming and training, as well as how to deal with common ailments and behaviors.  

  • Select the best puppy for you 
  • Adopt an older dog 
  • Dog-proof your home 
  • Train your Golden Retriever right 

Whatever you’re looking for from your Golden Retriever, this book will help you get there, making for happiness all around—and many golden years ahead!  


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