Identifying Facets of Relationship Intimacy - dummies

Identifying Facets of Relationship Intimacy

By Paula Hall

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When thinking about intimacy and the areas of your relationship that you want to improve, considering exactly what kind of intimacy you want more of can be helpful. The five facets of relationship intimacy are:

  • Emotional intimacy: Being similar in your emotional expression. That may mean crying or shouting at the same sorts of things or that both of you are equally sensitive or robust to emotion.

  • Intellectual intimacy: Being on the same wavelength. You share thoughts and ideas and feel able to understand each other’s thought processes.

  • Physical intimacy: Being close physically and sharing a meaningful connection through mutual touch, sensuality and sexual pleasure.

  • Recreational intimacy: Being able to laugh, relax and have fun together through similar needs and interests in non-essential pursuits.

  • Spiritual intimacy: Being able to share the big stuff with similar levels of passion and fervour. That may be religion, politics, environmental issues, human rights, animal rights or even sharing a passionate belief in nothing at all.