How to Build a Relationship - dummies

How to Build a Relationship

By Kate M. Wachs

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Getting involved in a romance is the first step toward building a relationship that lasts. If you’re looking for a long-term love, the tips in the following list can help you develop your attraction into something deeper:

  • Keep the relationship reciprocal, especially in the beginning, so you can keep the balance of power — and resulting feelings — even, too.

  • If you’re female, try to let your partner lead. If you’re male, most women will prefer that you lead — so don’t be afraid to do so.

  • Be cautious about sex early in the relationship. Know what you’re risking, and if you choose it, go into it with your eyes open.

  • As you get to know and trust one another, move gradually and slowly from being strangers to being lovers. Don’t ruin the relationship by trying to make the jump in one — or a few — dates.

  • Use thought-stopping to avoid fantasizing about a future with someone you barely know, and to help you keep your emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, and time actually spent in the relationship in sync.