Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Visual Studio in Visual Basic 2008 - dummies

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Visual Studio in Visual Basic 2008

By Bill Sempf

Part of Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A ton of shortcut key combinations are built into the Visual Studio feature of Visual Basic 2008, and you can feel free to use them all. You can also make your own keyboard shortcuts in the Options dialog box by choosing Tools→Options and then clicking Keyboard in the tree view on the left. The following table includes some useful shortcuts, may of which work in any Windows application.

Visual Studio Element Keyboard Shortcut What Happens When You Use the Shortcut
Build Ctrl+Shift+B The most handy keyboard shortcut in the entire system, this key
combination compiles your solution.
Full Screen Shift+Alt+Enter When you are mostly writing code, it is sometimes handy to fill
the entire screen with the code window.
Close application Alt+F4 Closes the Visual Studio window. (Works for other applications,
Close document Ctrl+F6 Closes the active application document.
Shortcut menu Shift+F10 Displays the context-sensitive shortcut menu for whatever is
actively selected (such as the Toolbox or Solution Explorer).
Show Properties window F4 Shows the Properties window — arguably one of the most
common windows you need on a moment’s notice.
Toggle tree focus selection Ctrl+Spacebar Toggles a selection for the current focus in tree view.