Common Visual Studio 2010 Project Types - dummies

Common Visual Studio 2010 Project Types

By Andrew Moore

Part of Visual Studio 2010 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visual Studio 2010 comes with many project templates to create the necessary boilerplate code and files you need to start developing applications. In the following table, you’ll find some definitions of project types to help you decide which is the right project template for your needs.

Project Type Description
Class library Component library with no user interface
Console application Command line application
Database project SQL script storage
Device application Windows application for a smart device
Empty project Blank project
SQL Server project Management of stored procedures and SQL Server objects
Web service ASP.NET Web application with no user interface; technically, no
longer a project type
Web site ASP.NET Web application; technically, no longer a project
Windows Windows application with a user interface application
Windows service Windows application with no user interface
WPF Browser Application Windows Presentation Foundation browser application