Common Shortcut Keys in VBA 2007 Editor - dummies

Common Shortcut Keys in VBA 2007 Editor

By Joseph C. Stockman, Alan Simpson

Part of Access 2007 VBA Programming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Writing, editing, and testing your VBA code in Visual Basic editor will run more smoothly if you learn these helpful shortcut keys and their functions:

Action Shortcut Key
Get help F1
View Object Browser F2
View properties F4
View Code window F7
Open Project Explorer Ctrl+R
Close and return to Access Alt+Q
Switch to Access Alt+F11
View Immediate window Ctrl+G
View shortcut menu Shift+F10 (or right-click)
View definition Shift+F2
Go to last position Ctrl+Shift+F2
Run a Sub/UserForm F5
Stop code execution Ctrl+Break