Using the Advanced Color Palette in Scratch

By Derek Breen

Skin color can be a tricky thing to get right in Scratch. By default, there are only 56 color swatches to choose from in the Paint Editor.


Fortunately, Scratch has a bunch more color options just a click away. Click the Switch Color Palette button at the bottom of the Paint Editor, just to the left of the color swatches, to switch to the Advanced Color Palette.


Click and drag that small circle inside the blended colors until you get the color you want and then use the Shade slider on the right side to make the color darker or lighter. You can use the Pick Up Color tool (the dropper beside each color palette) to select a color from any object on the Paint Editor canvas. This is important when using custom colors because they do not have an easy-to-find color swatch. To return to the basic swatches, click the Switch Color Palette button again.