How to Export Scratch Graphics to Other Applications

By Derek Breen

Scratch users can design and export graphics for other applications, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. An easy-to-find button (Upload from File) allows users to import graphics into Scratch, but many users do not realize how to save graphics to a computer and export the images like any other graphics files.

  1. Open a Scratch project.

  2. Select a sprite.

  3. Click the Costumes tab.

  4. Shift-click the costume to export and choose Save to Local File.


  5. Choose where to save the file and then click Save.


    Vector graphics are saved in SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphics) and bitmap graphics are saved in PNG format (Portable Network Graphics). Although PNG graphics are supported by most applications, SVG files may need to be converted (neither Word nor Powerpoint allow you to import SVG graphics at this time). Fortunately, vector graphics can be converted right inside Scratch by clicking the Convert to Bitmap button before exporting the costume.


    Zoom in a vector costume as much as possible before clicking the Convert to Bitmap button to export the image at the maximum resolution.