How to Create a Development Folder for Ruby Projects - dummies

How to Create a Development Folder for Ruby Projects

By Christopher Haupt

You should set up a space on your hard drive for your work in Ruby to be stored. Programmers call these spaces directories, but you may refer to them as folders. Setting up your directories and files is fairly similar for both Mac and Windows.

First, create a development directory to hold all your Ruby projects:

$ mkdir development

The new development directory will be created in your current directory. Remember that your prompt will look different on Windows and will normally display the current directory. Then inside of that, create a directory for your specific projects:

$ cd development
$ mkdir project02
$ cd project02

Here, the location is changed to be within the development directory, a new project directory is made (named project02), and then moved into that directory.

If you get lost, you can navigate back to the top of your folders by using the cd command by itself and then changing directories again:

$ cd

You may also want to use the following command to move up one level to the parent folder of the current directory:

$ cd ..