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Tips for Improving Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

To produce particularly high-quality games, you need to revise your Gamestar Mechanic creations, creating a better version of your original work. In game design, this is referred to as iteration, which literally means the process of repeatedly applying a function. By going over the design process multiple times by drafting and revising, you can produce better iterations of your game.

Iteration is vitally important when designing games. The process of iteration involves building better versions of your game based on where you think it can be improved. You can practice a few different kinds of iteration, as described in the following list, to design more refined games:

  • Debug. Test your game thoroughly before publishing it. Repair any errors you made in designing it. This process is the simplest form of iteration — smoothing out bugs in your design.

    Ask a trusted friend to play the game so that you gain a fresh perspective on your game.

  • Accept feedback. Even after publishing your game, you should think about its iteration. A player who leaves a good review may also suggest how your game could be improved. Considering this advice is a useful exercise.

  • Return to your older games after some time has passed. If you’ve grown more experienced in game design, you may start noticing problems in the games you created early on. Iterating your old games is an excellent way to cement the progress you’ve made in game design.

In terms of experience, revising an existing game is just as useful as drafting a new one. By applying your critical thinking skills to a work of your own, you’ll be better equipped to design well-rounded games in the future.

The teaching page has free PDF resources for teaching — and learning — the concepts of game design. You can download lesson plans to work on, which contain some interesting resources.