The Straight Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies - dummies

The Straight Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

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In Gamestar Mechanic, an enemy with the Straight movement style is the most predictable: It moves in a straight line until it hits a solid object, at which point it turns and continues moving. The Straight motion pattern can create several different routes, depending on the enemy’s turn direction:

  • Reverse: An enemy set to Straight and Reverse moves back and forth in a straight line, turning back whenever it bumps into something. This simple motion path is popular in basic navigation games, where the avatar must run through the level while predicting and avoiding enemies.

  • Left or Right: This interesting setting makes the enemy turn counterclockwise or clockwise upon contact with a solid object. For example, if this type of enemy is placed in a rectangular room, it runs around the border of the room. If you trace the route that this enemy will take, placing blocks in its path to alter its pattern, you can send it on some interesting courses that provide a tricky challenge for the player.

  • Random: A Straight motion pattern with a Random turn direction is a strange blend. When this type of enemy hits a solid object, it has a random chance of turning left or right — or back around. This type of enemy randomly bounces between obstacles, making it an interesting foe in levels with lots of walls and nonlinear spaces.

Use the straight motion style for enemies that move in only one direction, or take special routes bordered by walls or platforms, whether back-and-forth or more complex.