Special Effects in GameMaker: Studio - dummies

Special Effects in GameMaker: Studio

By Michael Rohde

In GameMaker, you can make some very special effects, such as explosions and fireworks. You create these effects through the use of particles. Particles are fast graphics resources that are generated based on random values. You can create special effects for your game by

  • Using the Create Effect Action

  • Using the 13 different Actions in the Particles section on the Extra tab

  • Writing your own code

  • Creating an Emitter Burst or an Emitter Stream

There are various methods of creating special effects by using the Particles tutorial that is included with GameMaker. There is a coding aspect, or you can use the drag-and-drop Actions. You can easily learn to code, however, a button to trigger these effects.

You can find the assets for this tutorial by choosing Help→Open Project in Explorer→Assets, from the main menu. Also, when you’re done with the tutorial, you can install the demo for using particles to compare your work.

This figure shows an example of a special effect that you can make by following the tutorial.

An example of using Particles.
An example of using Particles.