Miscellaneous Movement Styles for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies - dummies

Miscellaneous Movement Styles for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

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A few enemy sprites in Gamestar Mechanic are distinctive in that some miscellaneous motion styles — Guard, Follow, and Intrinsic — are specific to only them. Have a look:

  • Guard: This enemy waits in place until an avatar passes within its line of sight. (The avatar must be in front of the enemy, and the game must be the top-down style.) If the enemy sees its target, it begins to follow the avatar; however, if it loses sight of the avatar for too long, it becomes confused and returns to its post.

    Though the Turn Direction setting is unimportant here, the start direction is vitally important — it determines which way the guard faces, and thus determines what the guard can see.

  • Follow: Similarly, this style makes the enemy wait for an avatar to draw near, at which point the enemy starts to follow it. This basic style is reserved for VIP sprites, which stay close to the avatar for protection from more malicious enemies.

  • Intrinsic styles: Some Gamestar Mechanic enemies actually abandon their patterns to pursue their own goals. For example, Naviron grazers always run away from gnashers and grab nearby food, whereas undead chasers hunt down the avatar when it gets close. For these enemies, the motion pattern you set for them just has to point them in the correct general direction — after the enemy finds its goal, it handles the rest.