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The Looting Age in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

You reach the Looting Age in Minecraft early in the game — sometimes, even parallel to reaching the Wooden Age. You begin by slaying enemies for loot, and by using the loot to improve your crafting repertoire. Many more items then become available to you, as listed in the table.

All tools increase the amount of damage you inflict. The sword and bow are the most powerful, but an axe still fares well in combat. Shovels are the weakest.

Items in the Looting Age
Item How to Obtain It Description
Arrow By killing skeletons; crafted from 1 flint, 1 stick, 1 feather
(makes 4)
A type of ammunition used with bows and dispensers
Bed Crafted from 3 wool, 3 planks Can be right-clicked during nighttime to sleep, skipping the
night and allowing you to reappear by the bed if you die
(You cannot sleep while monsters are pursuing you.)
Bone By killing skeletons A useful item for taming wolves; can be crafted into bone meal
or white dye
Bone meal Crafted from 1 bone (makes 3) Can right-click grass while holding this strong fertilizer to
grow a patch of tall grass and flowers
(Right-click any immature crop to grow it.)
Book Crafted from 1 leather, 3 paper Can be used to make a book and quill, a bookcase, or an
enchantment table
Book and quill Crafted from 1 feather, 1 ink sac, 1 book Lets you write in the book or read a signed book by
right-clicking while holding it
Bookshelf Crafted from 3 books, 6 planks An expensive decorative item that serves as a buffer for the
enchantment table; returns 3 books when broken
Bow Crafted from 3 string, 3 sticks A powerful weapon that’s useful throughout the game
(As long as you have arrows in the inventory, you can hold the
right mouse button to charge the bow, and release it to fire.)
Carrot Rarely, by killing zombies Can be eaten or farmed; also used to make golden carrots
Egg Occasionally laid by chickens Thrown when you right-click while holding it, occasionally
spawning a baby chicken where it lands; also used to craft cake and
pumpkin pie
Ender pearl Sometimes, by killing endermen An ingredient for an eye of ender, which helps you find the
Stronghold; if you throw the pearl by right-clicking, teleports to
where the pearl lands but incurs damage
Feather By killing chickens A useful ingredient for arrows; also used to make the book and
Fermented spider eye Crafted from 1 spider eye, 1 sugar, 1 brown mushroom The key ingredient in negative potions
Fishing rod Crafted from 2 string, 3 sticks Lets you cast its bobber by right-clicking while holding it;
can be right-clicked again — if the bobber floats in the
water for a little while and then suddenly dips — to pull out
a fish
Gunpowder By killing creepers (without exploding them) An explosive material used to craft TNT, fire charges, and
splash potions
Ink sac By killing squids Used as black dye or as an ingredient for the book and
Item frame Crafted from 8 sticks, 1 leather Can display an item (when mounted on the wall) when you
right-click it while holding the item; rotates when you right-click
it again
Leather By killing cows Useful for making books and leather armor
Leather cap, tunic, trousers, boots Crafted from 5, 8, 7, or 4 leather, respectively The weakest armor that negates a good amount of damage
Painting Crafted from 8 sticks, 1 wool Can be placed by right-clicking a wall; measures up to 4 blocks
wide by 4 blocks tall
Poisonous potato Obtained (rarely) instead of a normal potato Can be eaten but causes poison damage; no real use for it
Potato Rarely, by killing zombies Can be eaten or farmed; a low-profit food item unless cooked
into a baked potato
Pumpkin pie Crafted from 1 pumpkin, 1 sugar, 1 egg An effective food item — reliable if you have several
pumpkins and eggs
Raw beef By killing cows Essentially the same as raw porkchop
Raw chicken By killing chickens A weaker food source that can sometimes poison you when eaten
raw, draining the food meter; should be cooked before eating!
Raw fish Obtained by fishing Restores a tiny segment of the Hunger bar and can be used to
tame ocelots in the jungle
Raw porkchop By killing pigs A basic food item that isn’t effective unless you cook
Rotten flesh By killing zombies A fairly useless item and volatile food source; however, heals
wolves when fed to them; sometimes, village priests exchange an
emerald for it
Slime block Crafted from four slimeballs A bouncy block that sticks to other blocks when pushed with a
piston. Additionally, sends anything that is on it flying if pushed
by a piston
Slimeball Dropped by slimes in the swamp A gooey item, used to make sticky pistons and magma cream
Spider eye By killing spiders A potion ingredient, a poisonous food, and an ingredient of a
fermented spider eye
String By killing spiders or breaking cobwebs A useful ingredient in making bows, fishing rods, and tripwire
TNT Crafted from 5 gunpowder, 4 sand When set off by redstone or fire, sizzles and then causes a
large block-destroying explosion; affected by gravity when
Wool By killing or shearing sheep; crafted from 4 string A decorative block used for beds and paintings; can be colored
with dye