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Surviving Zombie Sieges in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

In Minecraft, a zombie is a hostile mob that will attack you or your villagers in Survival mode. A zombie typically has 22 health points, spawns in the Overworld during the night time, and may carry a weapon or armor (they have the ability to pick up items off the ground and equip them). Killing these mobs can result in 5 experience points. However, you can also cure a zombie villager and have them contribute to your local village!

For the seasoned player, zombies may be no problem for you, but they’re quite dangerous to NPC villagers. Zombies chase villagers and can easily kill cornered villagers. In Normal mode or Hardcore mode, zombies turn these victims into more zombies, causing them to form swarms as they tear through the village.

Occasionally, a nearby village experiences a zombie siege at night, in which a horde of zombies appears and gains the ability to break down wooden doors in Normal mode (they can already do this in Hardcore mode). During these sieges, the village may lose many inhabitants unless you do something. Losing your villagers due to a zombie attack means precious time wasted in accumulating more resources from that village.

Defending a Minecraft Village from Zombie Attacks

Do your best to stop zombie sieges, as they can significantly decrease your village size, meaning you’ll have to rebuild your village to receive the multitude of resources it used to provide. You’ll also have a village full of “zombie villagers,” which are mostly just a nuisance until you can restore them back to their human state.

Use torches to build a somewhat safe zone around the village, and kill off zombie infestations before they can reach villagers and expand. Take extra preemptive measures too, such as building iron golems and adding extra doors to houses.

Add fences around the village in addition to torches. This creates a further barrier to prevent zombie invasion. Or, if you can get enough iron, make iron golems to patrol the villages instead. The iron golems will fight the zombies for you within your village!

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Villagers can repopulate their own cultures, but sometimes a zombie attack leaves an entire population devastated. Just like an episode of β€œThe Walking Dead,” your entire village will be replaced by zombie villagers! Have no fear, though, β€” you can restore any zombie villager back to their normal state. To cure a zombie villager in Minecraft, you need to trap one preferably indoors to avoid daylight, use a splash potion of weakness, feed it a golden apple, and wait. Fully healing a zombie villager usually takes a couple of minutes. Follow these exact steps:

  1. Find a zombie villager.

    This type of villager burns in the daylight, so make sure that you are able to trap a few are indoors. A zombie villager wearing a helmet is also immune to daylight and can be cured without worrying about the sunlight.

  2. Throw a splash potion of weakness at the zombie villager, and then promptly right-click him with a golden apple.

    The effect from the potion lasts only briefly, so act swiftly with the golden apple. The potion allows you to safely administer the golden apple, which has the ingredients to help change the zombie back into a normal villager.

  3. Wait for a couple of minutes for the recovery to take effect.

    The zombie villager shakes slightly and emits red swirls, indicating that he’s reverting. Wait it out for a minute or so, and you have a cured villager.

how to cure a zombie villager in minecraft

If the new villagers can remain safe until the zombies have been either converted or slain, you will have restored a village to its former glory.

How to Spawn (or find) Zombies

Zombie sieges usually occur at villages so by finding a village or building your own, you have a better chance to naturally encounter zombies. Also, zombie villagers have the slight possibility of appearing in the same places as zombies do, so if you follow the steps in the preceding section to turn a zombie into a villager, you can start your colony by carefully selecting your location to start a village.

In order to build a village that hosts villagers, you need to start with the construction of a home, of course. A villager lives in any enclosed space that has a wooden door. If you add extra doors, more villagers will decide to live in the same building β€” essentially, a door defines a living space. With more villagers and houses that exist in your colony, you are more susceptible to a zombie siege.

However, if you are playing with cheats enabled, you can simply summon a zombie into your world. This action can be completed by using the following summon command:

/summon zombie [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]

  • The xyz tags are optional and represent the coordinates of where you want a zombie to spawn; if not specified, the zombie will be summoned directly in front of you.
  • The dataTag is also optional and allows you to set a property for your zombie; this is useful for summoning a baby zombie or zombie horse.

Other Zombie Games in Minecraft

While you now know how to deal with zombies in Survival mode, there are other opportunities to fight off the living dead. Some players have created their own servers dedicated to zombie apocalypse styled games. These games are usually created to see which players can survive a zombie attack the longest. These games are often created for multiplayer so check out your fellow players servers and join to participate.