How to Use Lava as Light in Your Minecraft Build - dummies

How to Use Lava as Light in Your Minecraft Build

By Adam Cordeiro, Emily Nelson

Lava is an interesting way to light your Minecraft building, but don’t use it if your structure is made from flammable blocks. For example, if the structure is made of wooden planks, reconsider using lava as a light source, unless you want a big bonfire. But, if your house is made out of stone, lava works just fine.

For a lava light, you need lava. Lava is placed randomly above and below ground, so you can’t go to a specific spot and immediately find it. You’ll just have to explore to find lava.

After you find lava, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the bucket with lava by holding the bucket and right-clicking.

  2. Create an area for holding the lava in place.


    Do this so that the lava doesn’t spread everywhere and cause a problem.

  3. Right-click to place the lava where you want it.

  4. Step back and make sure that lava isn’t spreading everywhere.

    If it is, don’t worry — simply place a block where you placed the lava and it will go away. You will have to replace the lava, but that’s better than lava destroying your structure.

You can also add glass around the lava to make it safer.