How to Use Glass as Flooring in Your Minecraft Build - dummies

How to Use Glass as Flooring in Your Minecraft Build

By Adam Cordeiro, Emily Nelson

You’re going to love this idea for your Minecraft structure. Because glass is transparent, you can place lava or water underneath your house, place glass blocks over it, and walk safely through your house.

Bringing the heat

Lava looks neat as a floor, but of course you can’t walk on lava or else you’d catch on fire. If you put glass blocks over the lava, though, you create an appealing effect. You need enough glass blocks to make three items for a lava/glass floor: your floor, a bucket, and lava.

If you’re not sure how much glass you need, count your floor’s area in blocks, and that’s how many glass blocks you need. Make that number of glass blocks and you’re set to go.

In this situation, you use glass blocks because they look much better than glass panes. Glass blocks are also a better idea because if you were to use glass panes, then you would fall through your floor!

The number of buckets you need depends on how big your floor is and how far your lava source is. If you have big floors or faraway lava, make and take several buckets; if you have small floors or a nearby lava source, you can probably get away with using just one.

There are two ways to find lava:

  • Start a mine. Be careful! When you mine, it puts you at a high risk of falling into lava, which would probably kill you.

  • Find it aboveground. Doing so is rare, and it will require some exploring to find it. If you decide to accept the challenge, start by looking by beaches.

Now you have your buckets, glass blocks, and lava. It’s time to start building! Follow these steps to create the lava/glass floor:

  1. Dig a hole 2 blocks deep as wide and as long as your floor.

    This will be the lava pit.

  2. Place one row of glass on the top of the ground floor so that you can walk across the lava pit.

    Depending on how large the floor is, you may need multiple rows. Building these rows allows you to fill your pit with lava safely, without burning yourself.


  3. Climb out of your hole by making a staircase.

    To get out of this pit, build block stairs.


  4. Stand on your glass rows and fill your pit with lava, starting from the corner and moving to the opposite corner.

    Make the lava only 1 block high so that you can still place glass above it for the floor.

    One bucket of lava fills 1 block of your lava pit. When you pour lava into a block, it spreads out a little bit and gets in some of the other blocks. That’s okay. Just keep using a whole bucket in each block and it will work itself out.

  5. When the lava pit is full, place glass blocks over it.

    Make sure that you don’t leave any holes in the floor, because if you were to fall, it might kill you!

We really love the look of a lava floor. What do you think?


Going with the flow

Water flooring is pretty much the same as lava flooring, except that it uses water instead of lava. The water makes a pretty cool effect. To make a glass floor with water under it, you need glass blocks, a bucket, sand, and water.

The number of buckets you need depends on how big the floor is and how far away the water source is.

Finding sand and water is quite a bit easier than finding lava (aboveground, anyway) — just go to a beach (and don’t forget your buckets).

When you get to the beach, right-click to use the bucket to scoop up water. To gather sand, left-click to break the sand and walk over it to pick it up. Make sure to pick up enough sand to cover the floor. Take the sand and water back to your building and you’re ready to get started.

Here’s how to create the water/glass floor:

  1. Make a hole as long and as wide as the floor by digging 2 blocks down.

  2. Jump down into the hole.

  3. Place the water into the hole, filling the hole 1 block high.

    It’s okay to let the water touch you, because, unlike lava, water won’t kill you.

  4. Place one block of any kind in front of you so that you can jump up to the surface.

    After you’re out of your hole, you can destroy the block that you used.

  5. Place glass blocks over the water (1 block high is enough).


Check for holes in the floor, or else you might end up swimming!