How to Trade With Villagers in Minecraft - dummies

How to Trade With Villagers in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

In Minecraft, a player can gather important resources by trading with villagers using emeralds as currency. Additionally, players can aim to increase their overall currency by trading unwanted items with the appropriate villager. Villagers will trade a variety of items for emeralds and also accept those emeralds as payment for the desired end products if a player does not have a stash of emeralds on hand. Be careful, some villagers may be greedier than others when conducting trades!

Many of the items carried by villagers, such as saddles, can be difficult to find in other parts of Minecraft. Skilled trading is an important element of the game.

Trading With Villagers

Learning how to trade with villagers in Minecraft is simple. Follow the steps below to conduct a trade:

  1. Initiate the trade by interacting with the villager (For PC/Mac, simply right click on the villager).
  2. A trade window opens with a proposed trade. You can use the right or left arrows to scroll through the various trade offers.
  3. Move your item into the left side of the trade window.
  4. The item that the villager is willing to exchange will then appear in the box on the right.
  5. Complete the trade by moving the proposed item from the villager directly into your hot bar.

As you can see, the process of trading with a villager in Minecraft is easy. However, to truly master the art of trading, you will need to know all of the various types of villagers and what they typically buy and sell. You can also summon and customize your own Minecraft villagers.

Types of Villagers in Minecraft

Each villager has a specific job and career and is limited to trades within that field as detailed below. There are six types of villagers in Minecraft, each with a different color robe to help the player easily identify them:

  • Brown Robed Villagers
  • White Robed Villagers
  • Purple Robed Villagers
  • Black Apron Villagers
  • White Apron Villagers
  • Green Robe Villagers

To see what items each villager offers and the cost, scroll through the villager types below. It’s important to note that just like in real life, the price of these items varies within a small range. Each item below costs one emerald unless otherwise specified.

Brown Robed Villager


Buys: Wheat (18-22), Potato (15-19), Carrot (15-19), Pumpkin (8-13), and Melon (7-12)

Sells: Bread (2-4), Pumpkin Pie (2-3), Apple (5), Cookie (6), and Cake


Buys: String (15-20)
Coal (16-24)

Sells: Cooked Fish (6), 1 emerald+6 fish
Enchanted Fishing Rod, 7-8 emeralds


Buys: White Wool (16-22)

Sells: Shears, 3-4 emeralds
Colored Wool, 1-2 emerald


Buys: String (15-2)

Sells: Arrows (8-12), Bow 2-3 emeralds, Flint (6-10) 10 gravel+1 emerald

White Robed Villager


Buys: Paper (24-36), Book (8-10), Written Book 2

Sells: Enchanted Book 1, 5-64 Emeralds (!)
Compass 1, 10-12 Emeralds
Bookshelf 1, 3-4 Emeralds
Clock 1, 10-12 Emeralds
Name Tag 1, 20-22 Emeralds

Purple Robed Villager


Buys: Rotten Flesh (36-40), Gold Ingot (8-10)

Sells: Redstone Dust (1-4), Lapis Lazuli (1-2)
Eye of Ender, 7-11 Emeralds
Glowstone, 1-3 Emeralds
Bottle o’ Enchanting, 3-11 Emeralds

Black Apron Villager


Buys: Coal (16-24), Iron Ingot (7-9), Diamond (3-4)

Sells: Iron Helmet, 4-6 Emeralds
Iron Chestplate, 10-14
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate, 16-19
Chainmail Boots, 5-7
Chainmail Leggings, 9-11
Chainmail Helmet, 5-7
Chainmail Chestplate, 11-15

Weapon Smith

Buys: Same as Armorer

Sells: Iron Axe, 6-8 Emeralds
Enchanted Sword, 9-10
Enchanted Diamond Sword, 12-15
Enchanted Diamond Axe, 9-12

Tools Smith

Buys: Same as Armorer

Sells: Enchanted Iron Shovel, Enchanted Iron Pickaxe, and Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe with similar emeralds prices as seen with Weapon Smith.

White Apron Villager


Buys: Raw Porkchop (14-18), Raw Chicken (14-18), and Coal (16-24)

Sells: Cooked Porkchop (5-7) and Cooked Chicken (6-8)


Buys: Leather (9-12)

Sells: Leather Pants, 2-4 Emeralds
Enchanted Leather Tunic, 7-12
Saddle, 8-10

Green Robed Villager

The green robed villager is often classified as the “Nitwit” and does not have a clear profession. They don’t have anything to trade and are typically perceived as useless, at least for the Minecraft economy!