How to Make Stained Glass for Your Minecraft Construction

By Adam Cordeiro, Emily Nelson

Stained glass is a helpful way to decorate your Minecraft house or building. It’s artsy, colorful, and creative. To make stained glass, you need dye and glass blocks. You have to make dye yourself.


You have many options for giving your stained glass a unique color.

Dye Color What to Use How to Make It
Red Poppy, red tulip, or rose bush Place the poppy, red tulip, or rose bush in any box on the
crafting table.
Orange Orange tulip Place the orange tulip in crafting table, using any box.
Yellow Dandelion sunflower Place the dandelion sunflower in any box of the crafting
Green Cactus Smelt the cactus in a furnace, giving you green dye.
Blue Lapis lazuli ore Mine the lapis lazuli ore and smelt it in a furnace.
Light blue Blue orchid Place the blue orchid in any box of the crafting table.
Magenta Lilac allium Place the lilac allium in any box of the crafting table.
Pink Peony or pink tulips Place the peony or pink tulip into any box in the crafting
White Bonemeal Place the bone meal in any box of the crafting table.
Light gray Azure bluet, oxeye daisy, white tulip Place the azure bluet, oxeye daisy, or white tulip into any box
of the crafting table.
Black Ink sac from squid Squids drop 0 to 3 ink sacs when killed.
Brown Cocoa plants Found in dungeons, or growing on jungle trees.
Cyan dye Green dye + blue dye Place green and blue dyes in any box of crafting table.
Purple dye Red dye + blue dye Place red and blue dyes in any box of the crafting table.
Gray dye Black dye + white dye Place black and white dye in any box of the crafting
Lime dye Green dye + white dye Place green and white dye in any box of the crafting

Ready to make some art? Follow these instructions to make stained glass:

  1. Make 8 glass blocks.

  2. Make 1 dye of any color.

  3. Place the 8 glass blocks into the crafting table, filling all boxes except the center one.

  4. Place your dye in the center box.

  5. Take the 8 stained glass blocks that the crafting table gives you.

You can build with stained glass the same way you’d build with regular glass, but it has the added value of adding color to your buildings. Let your imagination go wild and use multiple stained glass blocks to make a picture in a floor, wall, or ceiling.

To make stained glass panes, you’ll need six glass blocks that are the same color. Place those six glass blocks into your crafting table, filing the bottom and middle rows. Take the 16 glass panes in exchange for the stained glass blocks, and you’re finished!