How to Farm Animals in Minecraft - dummies

How to Farm Animals in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

You can use animal farms in Minecraft to acquire resources such as pork or wool without having to endure a lot of hassle. Animals follow you while you’re holding wheat, so lure some into a fenced-in area to start your farm. Chickens are lured by seeds instead. Pigs and rabbits are lured only by carrots.


Right-clicking two animals of the same species while holding wheat (use seeds for chickens, and carrots for pigs) causes them to spawn a baby animal. Thus, you can make use of your animal farm however you want and keep it populated.

A lamb’s wool is the same color as its parents’ wool. To farm a specific color of wool, right-click some sheep while holding dye to paint them, and then start a farm with them. Sheep regrow shorn wool by eating grass.