How to Extend Pulses in Minecraft Redstone with Pulse Extenders

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

Unlike the monostable circuit in Minecraft redstone, which shortens a pulse, the pulse extender extends a pulse. Because a button gives off only a brief redstone signal, adding a pulse extender causes the redstone signal to last longer. Here’s how to create a pulse extender:

1Use the same redstone lamp shown here.

This contraption lights the redstone lamp longer but with the same button input.

2Place 6 blocks with redstone dust on the outer 4 blocks, as shown here.

Place comparators facing each other on the middle blocks.

3Add a button to the left side of the contraption, and add a redstone lamp to the right side.

When you press the button, the redstone lamp lights up and stays on for a few seconds longer than would normally occur with only a button.