How to Create a Basic Building in Minecraft - dummies

By Adam Cordeiro, Emily Nelson

After you have the necessary materials in the inventory, you can start practicing your Minecraft construction tactics. There is tons more to actual instruction, but these steps can get you started. Look at how a player’s construction ability might evolve over time.

The building on the left is a shack built to store items and survive the night. The building in the middle is a detailed but fairly small house. Finally, the building on the right is an elegant mansion with a lot more detail than the other two structures.


The general process behind creating a building is as follows:

  1. Decide where you want to build a building.

    Any environment works fine, but you may have specific preferences, such as on a mountain or in a jungle.

  2. Decide on a texture for the building.

    Do you want the building to be wooden? Or stone? Or metal? Or made of solid diamond? The texture of the building determines its theme, so think about it when planning out the architecture. This also helps you know which materials to gather.

  3. Plan out a single layer of the building.

    In a traditional structure, it’s the first floor. If you want the building to have interesting vertical structures (such as towers or stairwells), plan them out now.

  4. Construct all rooms and areas in that layer.

    Do some interior decorating now if you want to see what your future masterpiece will look like.

  5. Keep constructing more layers until the building is complete.

  6. Finish any details you want.

    This step includes filling empty rooms and designing small decorations. The best way to find out what you like and what works (or doesn’t) is to practice. Design what you think is best, and don’t be afraid to change your creation if you don’t like something about it.